Saturday, September 29, 2007

Off of the meds!

I have wonderful news. Truman is off the antibiotics. To make a long story short. He was examined and passed all the physical tests so the vet decided to take him off of the meds. BUT, we have to still be careful and start increasing his activity. The other wonderful news, is something that the vet said was a wonderful sign. Truman gained 6 lbs. He hasn't had that much of a weight gain since we got him. From what the vet said that was a good sign that he's healing. Now we can start his conformation training!

Gunther is doing so good. He is a rock. Through all this with Truman, Gunther has been so careful with him. Right now I'm considering putting him in the Rally competition in Marietta the end of October. We have a lot to catch up on. LOL. Since T's been sick we haven't worked much. I'll make the decision tomorrow.

I want to share a little piece of information with you. If you are a Great Dane owner and your dog or bitch needs to have surgery or even knocked out for their nails to be done. Please ask the vet to use PropoFlo. It's a little more expensive, but it has been found to be the best for Great Danes.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Another 2 weeks

I don't know what more to say about this last vet visit other than Truman is on another 2 weeks of antibiotics. At the end of round of meds it will be 6 weeks of red little pills for the baby boy.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

How about some pictures?

Since it's been a week or so since I posted I thought I would catch you up with some pictures.

Gunther is doing the slow grow up thing now. He's starting to settle down a little. His chest is developing and he is starting to look more like his dad. But, don't let that grown up face fool you. He's still a crazy puppy and can out run Truman any day. LOL.

This picture of Gunther I totally love. It shows how muscular his is and how he is developing.

Now here are a couple of partner's in crime. When these guys get going look out. It's really wonderful that Truman is recovering more and more everyday. He is full of so much life. The 11th he goes back to the doctor and hopefully will be released and off the meds.

One of Truman's favorite things like all danes is to lean. I think they like to lean because they know they will get their sides rubbed and lots of lovin'. How do you like that right ear? We call it the "magical mystery ear" because it has a mind of it's own. LOL. (thank heavens it's not on the show side.)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Truman's Follow Up & Gypsy

Tuesday was Truman's follow up visit to the vet. I had hoped that he would be released from the vet's care, but that wasn't the case. Though his fever is gone, he still has tenderness in his back. So we are on another 2 weeks of antibiotics. He will be ok in the end, but this is seriously putting us behind in his show training. And the other part to it is, that he is showing signs in his back legs of straddling. Walking like you have one foot on either side of something. I don't know if this will go away as his back gets better or not. If not he will not be able to show.
The vet once again reminded me of how serious this infection was and is. And I am so glad that we caught it in time.

Gunther is doing great. He's growing like a weed. I need to get some of the pictures I have of him posted. It's been a couple of weeks since I weighed him so I will do that and then update the blog.

Several times in this year I have written about Noel Clarke. He is Ivan's handler and he will hopefully be helping me with Truman in the show ring. Well, Tuesday his lost one of his beautiful girls. Her name is Gypsy and she would have been 5 years old this November. She was the perfect Great Dane bitch. Here are a couple of pictures of her. This was an extremely sudden and unexpected passing. I know that Noel and Walter are hurting so much and that their other two Danes, Max and Violet are missing her too. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Truman isn't feeling well

Late Sunday night we noticed that T wasn't as active as he usually is. But he had been playing hard and having a good time, so we wrote it off as being tired. He was still eating fine, drinking fine and going to the bathroom fine. Monday, he had no loss of appetite, drank fine still going to the bathroom fine, but started isolating himself, under things, like the kitchen table, getting way back in his crate, or getting in Gunther's crate and resting. All the while still coming to the door to let me know he had to go out, eating well, and showing no real signs of being ill except for the isolation. Today the same thing, but the isolation turned in the being lethargic and he started feeling really hot, and so off to the vet we went.

Blood was drawn, a full body physical was given, and xrays were taken. They found his white blood cells a little elevated, he had a fever and the start of dehydration. The vet found also in the physical exam a sore area on T's spin. It wasn't until this afternoon that we noticed him arching his back up when he walked. It was after the fever had set in. Anyway. the xrays showed infection around two of the vertebrae in T's back, and diagnosed him with Diskospondylitis. (I will include several links that you can look up, if you are not all ready familiar with it.)

The vet believed that T has had this infection for awhile and that after a fun packed weekend his immune system couldn't fight it off anymore. He said that this is found in large/giant breed dogs, especially German Shepherds and Great Danes. I did run across this one time with a German Shepherd bitch that I had, she had gotten all her shots from her breeder and the breeder, to save money, used the same needles for all the shots and hadn't clean needles. The infection then spread to her spin. With T we caught it in time. There was no compression on the spine and T is going to be fine. They gave him fluids and have put him on an antibiotic for two weeks and an antinflamitory for 5 days, then the vet will check him again. I did find it interesting that males get this more than females. Go figure. Also the onset usually is relatively acute: some dogs have mild signs for several months before examination. There is pain or at least difficulty rising, there's a reluctance to jump, and depending on where the infection is located, they can have difficulty with their back legs. If ignored it can lead to lameness.

Causes can be bacterial or fungal and other causes can be surgery or bite wounds.

Here are the links:

ok I guess that's enough links, though I have several more. But the only thing that is important is the Truman is going to be fine. Tonight he's all ready up and around more than earlier, he even took one of his favorite toys outside to potty with him. LOL.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Gunther is 2 years old. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

What a day we had. Ok, so he doesn't really know it's his birthday, but he did know we were doing special things. It was a super fun day. We took Gunther and T to Starbucks to see his friends and then to the pet store to get "goodies". Sara made Scooby Do cup cakes for the the humans and he got special birthday food. In his new bowl.

This bowl was a surprise gift. I was really shocked when it arrived and Gunther loves it. I wasn't sure if he would eat out of it, but he did. One of the things I like about it, is that I've been breaking his feedings down into smaller portions and feeding him 3 times a day. This smaller bowl helps do that. It doesn't look so empty with the food in it and he isn't giving me that look like I'm starving him. ;-)

Here's a picture of the cup cakes Sara made. You can't see the actual baking cups but they have Scooby Do on them also. LOL. As you can see there are two missing. It's a Scooby mystery who stole the first 2 cup cakes before I got the photo. No one around here will admit to it. So no one gets the wrong idea, I want to again mention that these were for us humans. My boys were no where near this chocolate icing.

Gunther was playing with his new toys and T was laying in bed sleeping. LOL. He got wore out with all the traveling around town and playing with Gunther. LOL.
When I first picked out Gunther. It felt like it would be forever before he turned 2. But, it's flown by. My life in those two years have had a lot of rough spots, some I wasn't sure if I was strong enough to get through them. But I did, and a lot of it was because of my relationship with Gunther. He's the best buddy I think I've ever had. There's a book out, and I forget the title of it right now, but it's something about learning about handling life's lessons through the eyes of a dog. I can say that Gunther has been a wonderful teacher.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

I messed up. LOL.

Now I can laugh about it. But at the show I messed up the Rally routine so we didn't do too good. But, we did have a good time. Gunther at first wasn't really fond of the hotel room, he sniffed every inch of it. But before long he made it home. Here are some pictures.
Here we are beginning the Rally course. This is right before my mistake.

This is a great picture of Gunther. He was tired and had a long day. The boy was ready for a long rest.

Our friends that were at the show too, did really well. Congrats to Noel and boy Max for getting their first 4 point win on Friday. They are still at the show today so hopefully we'll have more good news coming from Noel.

Jay and Barbara were there with Ivan. He came in 3rd on Saturday in his group. He would have done better if another dog hadn't have been aggressive toward him and distracted him. This same aggressive dog about 30 minutes earlier went after Gunther and tried to bite his muzzle. Needless to say I was pissed that someone with a dog with that temperament was even showing.

I haven't looked at the schedule but I believe our next show will be in August here in Atlanta. It will be a lot of fun. This show we may skip Rally and take T to start getting use to the "show" atmosphere. When shows are inside, they are load, crowded and at times insane. ;-)

Speaking of T. He is now 54.5 lbs. I am so glad that he is gaining a little weight. He's a little taller too. He has just the sweetest disposition and just loves doing things with us. There isn't a mean bone in his body.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Gunther's First Offical Rally Obedience Competition

We have been working hard getting everything together for our trip Thursday. Of course I'm going to over pack. I wouldn't be me, if I didn't. hahaha. I'm really going to over pack for Gunther. Yup, it's his first official Rally Competition. It's in Greenville, SC. We're staying in a Quality Inn and I have to make sure that Gunther is comfortable. So we are deciding what toys to take, his favorite blanket and of course his food, treats and water. Lots of pictures will be taken so I'll have lots to post when we get back Sunday.

We are also going to be there with Jay (Gunther's breeder), Barbara, Noel and Walter. It's going to be a lot of fun hanging with them at the show and watching all their dogs in the conformation rings. Great Dane people are some of the best.

T will be staying home with the rest of the family. I will miss him a lot, but before I know it, I'll be taking two Danes to the shows. That will be amazing.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Gunther has a brother

Yup, Gunther has a little brother now. We call him "T" but his AKC name is Sir Hagan Tru, son of Shockin. The explanation of his name is the Sir is a reference to his father, Royale, Hagen is the mythological brother to Gunther, Tru is a reference to what the breeder called him, Truman, and the son of Shockin is the acknowledgement of the breeder's kennel name. But, we just call him "T". Here is a link to his sire CH Stone Valley's Rocky Raccoon CD, RE, CGC, TT, HIT and a link to his mom, Shannon's Shockin You Again.

T, is 16 weeks old and will be in his first dog show in October of this year. He weighs 45 lbs as of yesterday (Friday). He's a cutie and we're so excited about having him in the family. He does some of the funniest things and he's like an older dane in a little puppy. We are going to have some funny stories about him and Gunther soon enough. LOL. T's own blog is in the works, I'll post the link when it's ready.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm sad

Tomorrow my son and I are headed out of town for a few days. Gunther will be staying home. I HATE LEAVING. I know he will be fine. But he always knows when I'm going and gives me those really sad eyes and hangs his head down, it's pitiful. I'll have to buy him some toys while I'm gone. (hey, he doesn't need them, but it will make me feel better)

Before I know it though it will be time for his Rally competition in SC. So that will be fun. He gets a road trip. In fact I'm coming back on a Wednesday and the next week we will be leaving again. That will be fun.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


On Saturday June 16, Gunther and I got to spend a wonderful day with friends from the Great Dane Club of the Mid South. We all took our dogs to the Griffin Kennel Clubs Match. It was like a practice for show dogs and the dog sport of Rally.

OMG we had a wonderful time in the heat. LOL. Thank heavens for those trees. Anyway, everyone from the Griffin Kennel Club was so nice and made the day a lot of fun for us.

Below are some pictures of the day, and a picture of Gunther's ribbons from being in Rally. There was a large amount of dogs in his category and most of them were search and rescue dogs, just there having fun and practicing with their handlers. Gunther came in third. I was pretty proud of him, for his first time in the Rally competition. Now we have plans to go to Greenville, SC., Huntsville, AL, and then in August do the big show in Atlanta.

One thing that was really interesting, is that the man who won first in the Rally Novice A group, was a man who my son has been trying to track down. GT is wanting to pursue being a K9 handler and Search and Rescue, and there he was with one of his dogs. GT and him talked so much, they caught up on karate and dogs, it was great.

One more thing. I have to tell you about RescueMeTugz. Michele who makes these wonderful tugs, donates all her money from the tugs to Great Dane Rescues. This month she has chosen the Great Dane Club of the Mid South's Rescue to donate to. Here is her links. If you have any questions about her product, email me, she is wonderful about getting back with you.

Ok, enough talk. Check out the pictures of my friends, their dogs and of course the Gun-man.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Ok, I will admit it right up front. I can get a little over the top when it comes to Gunther (and my kids). But, unlike my children who can take care of themselves, Gunther needs to be taken care of.

Now months ago we purchased a water purifier for our drinking water. I can't begin to tell you how bad and nasty smelling our water could be. Some mornings it smelled like a public swimming pool. YUCK! So now we don't have that problem. But Gunther was still drinking that water. Then the other day I filled his water bowl and the smell of the water was horrible. I started giving him bottled water and purified water until today. Now he has his own water system.

As picky as I am about what he eats, I felt I should be picky about his water too. I warned you at the beginning of this post I could be a little over the top! LOL.

Gunther has been being a nut lately. There is a small match coming up in a few weeks and I wanted to actually put him in the conformation part of it, but I don't think I'll be able to. Every time his behind is touched he sits. That isn't good in the show ring. But, they are having Rally so I'll be putting him in that. We have been working and working and his sits are a little faster than before, like maybe a hair or two. LOL. But, it's coming. He tries so hard and enjoys our "play" time. The show is June 16th.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Training and other stuff

Recently I have been on and off the fence about pursuing training other dogs. Though training Gunther can be a joyful handful at times, I love every minutes of it. And helping people with their dogs is an amazing feeling. So with the mentoring of a few trainer friends and TONS of reading, dvd's, etc, I'm going to start working with a few dogs. I joined the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and will be adding their logo to Gunther's blog soon. The areas that I will focus on will be Manners for all ages, Basic Obedience, Rally Obedience, Behavioral Counter-Conditioning and CGC Preparation. These will be private or semi-private lessons.

Gunther has been doing wonderful. He's 127 pounds now and is still such a big ole puppy. There are a few shows around that if things go well, Gun will start competing in Rally. In June there is a fun match not to far from us and I think that will be our start. Then in July there is a Rally match in Savannah. (Beautiful Savannah, GA. any excuse to go there is a good excuse!) So cross your fingers. One of the biggest things that has kept us from competing is just scheduling problems, but I think we will be ok on for these dates.

I'll have some new pictures of the Gum-Man coming soon!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Tall Men= A No Bark Gunther

I am happy to report that today while out Gunther had the opportunity to share his vocal conversation with several tall men while we were out having coffee. But, he didn't in fact it was like they didn't even exist. It was wonderful. It was a lot of work, in taking the time to read his body language, address the issue and keep him exposed to the what was bothering him, But, he did it. It was wonderful to go out and not worry about having to correct him in public or explain his actions.

We also went and got his weight. Big is 126 lbs. He has been going through some "stage" of growth for a few weeks now. This isn't the first time he has done this. It started about 3-4 weeks ago with getting up and wanting to run and play ALL day. He hardly slept except for nights. His appetite increased like all get out. I started feeding him 3 times a day smaller meals because he was so hungry, then things started to change. I noticed toward Tuesday of this week he was napping during the day and only wanted to play in the afternoon. His usual time, then his eating changed. He's almost not eating any meals except for breakfast. When he does this I start adjusting his meal sizes, and even today left about 1.5 cups of food in his bowl. By next week he will be back to normal. LOL. At least Gunther's normal.

Ok, I have had a few remarks and comments about my rant in my last post about dog self control. I find it interesting in the dog world just how sensitive dog owners can be. First off, I cannot apologise for what I wrote. I truly believe that no matter what kind of dog you have, helping that dog learn self control is a must. Dogs love to learn and they think it's play time. What is wrong with that? you are teaching your dog how you want him or her to behave in your home, and your dog is getting one-on-one attention, play and maybe treats. Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

I mentioned that there were some exceptions, and that is because I was talking about a specific situation. When you are dealing with rescue dogs they need to learn trust, confidence and self control, but on a different level because they special circumstances. When you bring a pup home from the breeder you have nothing but time to start teaching good manners, you have a clean slate. A dog who hasn't been abandoned, who hasn't been physically abused, tormented, etc. So my thoughts were and are directed to those who purchase a puppy and then expect the pup to raise himself.

Something to think about. We all know people who's dogs have been in training, and didn't do well. This might bring some light to why. Have you ever tried to talk to someone who is out of control, their attention is everywhere except where it should be? Was the talk successful? More than likely you had to wait till they calmed down and you had their attention. Why wouldn't that same principle work for those dogs who weren't doing so well in training class? Doggie self control, it's a powerful thing.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Too Busy

I've been slack in keeping up with my blogs lately. Things are going on and changes are being made and you wouldn't believe all the decisions I am having to make, BIG ONES. But, I decided over the weekend that I was going to get back to some "me and Gun-man time". So this is the start. LOL.

My daughter and I spent Sunday in Perry, GA. at the Great Dane Club of the Mid South's Spring Specialty. We had a great time. I was the photographer and Sara helped at the trophy table. Of course Ivan was there and came in 2nd in the 6-9 month dog group. It was wonderful being at the show, seeing all the Danes and being around Great Dane people. I always have a great time at dog shows. ;-)

Now for my soap box. I hope not to offend anyone, but I have to share something with you. If you have a Great Dane or are thinking about getting a Great Dane, it should go without saying that your Dane MUST LEARN that he or she is to have manners. And who is going to teach them their manners? YOU. As scary smart as Danes are, there is no reason why a Great Dane cannot learn how you want them to behave in your home. Now there are some exceptions, but I am talking about people who get their Dane from a breeder and bring it home at 8 - 12 weeks and then just let it raise its self. Come on people. If a little dog gets board and chews something up that is one thing, but you are talking about an animal that will grow to weigh over 100 pounds. I'm not even talking about cute little tricks, I am talking about self control, manners and what you want the dog to do or not do in your home. If you have not gotten your Dane yet, please think about this before you pick up your dog. To me your dogs training and behaviour is just as important as hit vet visits and what food you feed them. It's a package deal. Don't leave one area out, you are not only causing your self frustration but you are not doing your dog any favors. Your goal should be a well rounded Great Dane and that's up to you. Ok, I've said my piece and I'll now get off my soap box.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Training the Gun-Man

Well it seems that Gunther has developed a dislike for tall men. It's not his fault, I take responsibility for it, since the day it happened I was too busy talking business with a client and couldn't stop to get away and stop the tall man that was aggressively going after Gunther. The, man, let's just call him the "idot" had been give directions from me in the past about staying clear of Gunther, just for my benefit see I don't like this guy. I didn't want him around me or Gunther. Actually in all the times they had seen each other Gunther never liked him. He is the only person Gunther has not went up to and made friends. I had warned him in the past that Gunther for some reason just wasn't going to connect with him, and to just ignore Gunther and maybe over time it would work out, but the idiot told me that was nonsense and dogs love him (well lets clarify that, all his little dogs love him). I love it when people who have never been around my dog tell me what's best for him, and that I don't know squat.

Anyway to make a long story short, we (Gunther and I) are working very hard at putting things back the way they should be. It has actually turning into something good, because I had gotten way too caught up in the ugly things going in our lives right now, and stopping to work more with Gunther and walk him has been great for my mindset and Gunther is a lot happier.

There have been several tall men that have been great in helping and offering to help with Gunther and I thank them so much. We are very close to getting the old Gun-man back who was just crazy about everyone.

This coming weekend is the Great Dane Speciality in Perry, GA. I love these. Seeing all the beautiful Danes is amazing and just being at the dog show it's self is so much fun. I won't get to stay as long as I would like but at least this year I'm going.

Once back from the Perry, Gunther and I will dive in head first into getting him totally ready for Rally competition. He needs a little work on sitting faster. Everything else I think is pretty good. We have been working on the different requirements for each level of Rally, so maybe it will go smoothly and before we know it, we'll be in Obedience competition. That would be wonderful.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Gunther and his new toy

Ok so maybe I can't resist getting Gunther new toys all the time. But you should see how happy he gets, when I bring one home to him. He got a new spider today and has played with the thing ALL day. Including slept with it when he stopped long enough for a nap. LOL. He even tried to take it outside to potty. With all the other things going on in my families life right now, it's so wonderful having a companion that is happy and can be so thrilled with something as simple as a toy.

In a couple of weeks Gunther's brother Ivan will be in another show. I am really looking forward to it. I love going to dog shows. But I have heard that Ivan has been doing a little growing and so it will be interesting to see how much he has grown and if it helps him in the ring. Will let you know.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

This is Ivan, Gunther's little brother

Say hello to Ivan. This is Gunther's little brother from the litter that was born Sept. 29, 2006. He is 5 months old and debuted in the show ring for the first time yesterday (Saturday, March 3). He is an amazing little boy. Charming, cute and still such a little puppy. I am so excited for him and his future. I think is going to have a wonderful time in the show ring. Speaking of that. Noel Clarke, Ivan's handler is in my personal opinion, the perfect handler for Ivan. Check out Noel's website and look at his Danes.

Don't you just love this face? And that nose is so cute!

Here is Noel taking Ivan up and down the ring for the judge. I wish you could see Ivan's gait.

And here he is after his final lap around the ring. There were several other Danes and their owners, handlers and family standing just a few feet away from Ivan in this picture. Just enough to distract him to look out of the ring. But it gave me a good photo. LOL.

Over the summer Ivan will be going to several shows and I'll of course post how he is doing. There is a big show for him coming up April 15. Like the Gun-Man was at this age, Ivan will grow leaps and bounds by the April dog show. Keep in him your thoughts as Noel prepares him for it.
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Friday, February 16, 2007

He ought to be in pictures

This week I've been thinking about some of the Dane people I know and all the photos throughout their homes of their Danes, past and present. So it got me thinking about Gunther's pictures. Almost all of his photos are online. I only have 1 that is framed out where every one can see. And it's not like I don't take pictures of him, I take so many pictures of Gunther that it's to the point that when Gunther sees me with a camera he will either stop and stand or sit waiting for his picture. That's pretty bad. LOL. Anyway, I'm going through all the pictures picking out some to have enlarged and professionally framed. These are a couple that I have in mind.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Stylin' Gunther

Last week I noticed that Gunther was cold and shaking a little so for the fun of it I wrapped his neck up with one of my scarves. He loved it, he kept it on all day and even wanted to sleep in it. So I got the idea of making him a neckwarmer. Since I'm a professional knitter I had several ideas about making Gunther one, but I needed to start out with something basic. So that is where we are at.

I even made an opening for his lead to attach to his collar.

Not really thinking about it I mentioned it to some other dog owners I know and now I have orders for 3 more. I'm also adding the option of making them a little long so it will come up around the ears a little more.

If you are interested in ordering one also, email me at knitting business email address.

Oh a quick update on the crate that Gunther didn't get. The lady handling the business was kind enough to admit that I had pretty much fallen through the cracks and refunded my money. I still need a crate and so far it's the biggest one I have seen. But, I'm going to look around before trying to order from them again.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

A No Show

Well Gunther and I have been waiting weeks for the crate and it's still a no show. Last week the company finally contacted me letting me know they were "looking" into it. How nice, it's been weeks, and they are looking into it. (patience is growing thin). My next step will be calling and getting my money back. It's really crazy that something this big could get lost. Gunther's other huge crate I ordered from them last August came in a few days. Oh well.

Anyway, all is good here. Gunther is doing well and we are having a ball with him. I will be glad for a little warmer weather though. It's hard for me to get out with him when its cold, especially the damp cold that we've been having here in GA. But it won't be long till Spring and we can be outside all the time.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Crate Alternative

For those out there who don't crate or who need an alternative to crating, here is a wonderful idea from a breeder with years of Great Dane experience.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

A Belated Christmas Present for Gunther

I purchased something for Gunther that I had planned on doing for Christmas and just couldn't. But, finally I found the one I wanted and the size. I can't wait to get it. I'll post real pictures of it when it comes, and pictures of Gunther in it so everyone can get a better idea of the size of it.
Here is the product info:

Product Description
These Soft Dog Crates are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Heavy duty steel frame that supports the soft crate ensures durability and a water resistant material will keep your pet dry. Three Doors, One on front, one on the side and one on top all with zippered mesh screens for extra security and access. 2 bags as pictured are included. 51"*31"*35" Actual weight, 21LBS.


Gunther news. Ok, this is what everyone is really wanting to know. How is the Gun-Man and what is he up to. ;-) Gunther is doing good. His nose is still a little chapped and dried out. I've used several things to help heal it up, but it's still not where it needs to be. (Any suggestions from my friends who live in snow country would be appreciated). Also, he has been burping. LOL. Ok, I know danes burp, but it's like, he gets in your face and burps and it smells terrible, then he smacks his lips. He then goes off like he just wanted to share that with me. So he's acting like a boy, not a male dog, like a kid. I have a friend who's son does the same thing. LOL. Go figure.

On the training front. Gun has learned a couple more things. He knows the word Thru. And will go through your legs. We have laughed till tears ran down our faces and this huge boy crawling between people's legs. He is also sitting closer and on the come front command, he is getting closer to me, which will be perfect for in the Rally ring. Even though I haven't been able to work with him that much outside because of my knee injury, we have been doing small segments in the house. Every little bit will help get that Rally title. Besides, it's just fun working with him.

Take care