Friday, October 31, 2008

A new friend

What a Halloween treat I had tonight!

This evening at a Halloween party I had the pleasure of meeting Diesel, a 1 year old Merle and his owners. Diesel is as sweet of a dane as you can get and you really could not tell that he is deaf. I think his mommy and daddy are fantastic people for rescuing him from life in a cage, and caring for him they way they do. They love him so much. I wish you all could have seen Diesel tonight. Lots of people around and we won't even talk about all the wonderful food there, but he stayed with his daddy most of the time and some with his mom. He got lots of love from the other dog lovers there, and I was fortunate enough to get a few "leans" from him.

I hope to see him again and watch him grow.

Blessed Be

Friday, October 24, 2008

It's true

The Gun-man's bed time.

For a long time many of my friends and some fellow dane owners have thought I was totally crazy for some of the "perks" that my dogs get. For example I have always covered Gunther up at night with a blanket. This started the night that he came home with me and he was cold and I covered him up with a blanket next to me. By the way, Truman hates blankets and feels that they are something that he must destroy, while the Gun-man sees his blanket and immediately gets on their couch, and lays down to nap. The following picture tell it all. LOL.

Monday, October 13, 2008

On Oct. 10, 2005

On October 10, 2005 my last German Shepherd, Shadow Walker went on to his next life. Not to rehash the whole thing, but to give a little info on him. Shadow was 10 years old. He had hip dysplasia and a few other health problems. But, till the very end he was shultzhund. Shadow, was a great dog in every way, just what you would want from a German Shepherd. I miss him so much and only recently have I been able to really talk about him without crying my eyes out.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about him, because it was because of Shadow and his personality and intelligence that I wanted a Great Dane. I knew when I got Gunther that I would never have another German Shepherd like Shadow. Gunther's breeder told me how smart Great Danes were, and I seen it in his Danes, and I'm so happy to say that Gunther picked up right where Shadow left off. Though he has taken me in a different direction in training, etc, I enjoy having him with me all the time, and all he offers to me and my family more than words can say.

Remember that sometimes it's not what we bring into our dogs life that makes a difference, but what they bring into ours.