Friday, June 23, 2006

Take Your Dog To Work Day

June 23, Take Your Dog To Work Day. How cool is that? Since I work out of my home Gunther is at work with me all the time anyway. I'm including a link to their web site so that if you missed it this year, maybe next year you could be instrumental in setting up a Take Your Dog To Work Day at your office or place of business.

Gunther is doing so many crazy, funny things. Like when he's in the living room and I tell him to sit, he will go over to the couch and put his hind end on the couch like he's really sitting. Or this one is funny, he goes to my son and backs his hind end onto GT's lap and sits. Too funny. Gun is now really learning "names." For example if I pile his toys out in the floor and ask him to get the duck or the frog or the tennis ball, he will get then one I ask for. He also knows the names of the kids so when I tell him to get Sara up, he takes off for her room and gets her up.

This week we have worked really hard on his Rally stuff. Yesterday he about drove me nuts running through the house and constantly wanting out. Then one time while we were out, he got away from me (I have him on a lead to potty, so he'll stay in one part of the yard, and so we can work on heel, sit, down, and a moving down, on the way back to the house) anyway, he got away from me and ran over to the part of the yard where we do the Rally and sat down at our starting point. Well how could I resist that? We worked all the stations that we know so far and then came in. He got a couple liver treats for that. LOL.

I'll have some new pictures of him in the next couple of days. Have a great weekend and enjoy your Dane(s).

Monday, June 19, 2006

Look what came in the mail today!

A few weeks back Gunther passed his Canine Good Citizen test. Along with his certificate you could order patches and tags. Of course I couldn't resist. I've been thinking about getting him a vest or a lightweight backpack and this patch would look great on it. By the way, I encourage everyone in the States, that if you can, get your dog his or her Canine Good Citizen. It's a great way to do one more thing with your dog, and it brings you a little closer together. Do it, you won't regret it.

We are really enjoying the rally class. In fact we are enjoying rally so much that I'm planning on putting Gunther in Rally competition in August. I think we can do it. In fact I know he can, it's me that would mess up. LOL. I need more practice. Posted by Picasa

Friday, June 16, 2006

Growing Leaps And Bounds

Monday we took this new photo of the Gun-Man. Though the picture doesn't do him justice, it gives you a pretty good idea about his size and how he is growing. It seems that mid-May he really started growing in height and now looks like he's all legs. (stilts).

We are having a great time with Rally classes and then practicing at home. I also have found a new place to take him and walk on Tuesday and Thursdays while the kids are at karate. It's a beautiful walking park and almost everyone has their dog with them. We'll be going there this coming Tuesday.

The 14th was my second meeting at the Great Dane Club of the Mid South. There was a Rally judge there giving a demonstration. Diane Pegram. I learned quiet a bit and was really glad to learn that my instructor, Donna Thompson, at Doggie Daycare, is a head of the game in teaching us Rally. She's a great instructor and has amazing patience. LOL.

Also at the meeting I was able to get my 2 signatures for membership. It will be voted on at the next meeting. (cross your fingers). After the meeting was over I got to see 3 beautiful Danes. They just took my breath away. Especially the young one that is just a few months younger than Gun. They are Black Onyx Brindle males. If you ever get a chance to see Black Onyx Brindle's, DO IT. You won't be let down.

I just can't tell you how amazing this breed is. For me the Great Dane has everything and more that you could want in a dog. I love them. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

10 month update

Well my little boy isn't so little. 118 pounds and 35" at the shoulders. It wasn't till a picture I took of him the other day that I realized just how "leggy" he has gotten. In one month he's grown 2 inches in height. I have noticed that he can reach the things he isn't suppose to better than he use to. LOL.

Speaking of those things. Some of his latest tricks are taking the cushions off the couch and chairs laying them out on the floor and then laying down on them. He is now not just catching one but sometimes up to 3 ice cubes in his mouth from the ice despenser on the freezer door. That is actually the funniest thing to watch.

Today we went to Pets Mart and walked through and he did so good. We practiced some of his commands for Rally and he was just on the money today. He totally loves training time. There were all kinds of kids and adults wanting to pet on him and it was just a really great time for him. One of the commands that he has not done real well is the "front" command where he comes to my front and sits. Well today it clicked not only there at Pets Mart but here at home. Plus the great part was he did it on and off lead. He's getting it! I am really hoping that he will be able to be good enough to compete in Rally. Gun and I would have a great time.

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

10 months

Thursday, June 1st, Gunther turned 10 months. I plan on getting his new weight tomorrow. Today we were out and about and I seen this duck toy and when it's pressed it sounds like a duck, so of course I had to get it for Gun. HE LOVES IT. In fact he loves it so much that when Sara took him out to potty, he took the duck with him. LOL.

This morning, Gunther didn't realize it was Sunday and decided at 6 AM it was time to get and have breakfast and do his normal routine. I tried to cover up in hopes that he'd get the hint and go back to sleep. Oh hell no. He took my covers off me and the bed. The boy is determined. So I got my covers back, crawled back into bed just to find myself the cushion for the Great Dane. ;-) When he turned his head we were nose to nose. It was so funny. By this time, there was no going back to sleep, I got up and took the little guy outside and then fed him and then started doing some computer work while he went back to bed. Posted by Picasa