Friday, June 23, 2006

Take Your Dog To Work Day

June 23, Take Your Dog To Work Day. How cool is that? Since I work out of my home Gunther is at work with me all the time anyway. I'm including a link to their web site so that if you missed it this year, maybe next year you could be instrumental in setting up a Take Your Dog To Work Day at your office or place of business.

Gunther is doing so many crazy, funny things. Like when he's in the living room and I tell him to sit, he will go over to the couch and put his hind end on the couch like he's really sitting. Or this one is funny, he goes to my son and backs his hind end onto GT's lap and sits. Too funny. Gun is now really learning "names." For example if I pile his toys out in the floor and ask him to get the duck or the frog or the tennis ball, he will get then one I ask for. He also knows the names of the kids so when I tell him to get Sara up, he takes off for her room and gets her up.

This week we have worked really hard on his Rally stuff. Yesterday he about drove me nuts running through the house and constantly wanting out. Then one time while we were out, he got away from me (I have him on a lead to potty, so he'll stay in one part of the yard, and so we can work on heel, sit, down, and a moving down, on the way back to the house) anyway, he got away from me and ran over to the part of the yard where we do the Rally and sat down at our starting point. Well how could I resist that? We worked all the stations that we know so far and then came in. He got a couple liver treats for that. LOL.

I'll have some new pictures of him in the next couple of days. Have a great weekend and enjoy your Dane(s).

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