Saturday, July 01, 2006

11 Months *UPDATED*

120 pounds, 35 1/2" at shoulders

11 Months old today. This afternoon I'll be getting his size and weight to add to the post, but I wanted to get these pictures of Gunther posted. Saturday isn't really the best time to take pictures of the Gun-man, there are so many distractions. On top of the normal, kids, neighbors, cars, and barking dogs, Gunther was being taunted by squirrels that were watching us. After the last picture of him laying in the grass was taken I released him from his Down/Stay and he took off after the squirrels. He didn't catch any but he enjoyed chasing them. Posted by Picasa

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joysabo said...

I stumbled across your website while searching the internet for great dane stuff. You inspired me to make one for my dog.

Do you live near the Ronald Regan Park at Five Forks? We've started a great dane night at that dogpark. Every tuesday at 7pm unless it's raining about 6-10 danes meet up. You should bring Gunther!!
Congrats on passing his good canine testing.
Joy and Burton