Thursday, July 20, 2006

Patches are on the vest & other news

Finally I had some spare time and was able to get Gunther's patches sewn on his vest. He is so funny when that vest is on him. He went from running through the house with his "froggy" hanging out of his mouth, to the regal dog, with his head held high, trotting outside for his photo shoot. LOL. I love him, so much, he is such a great dog and Danes are a fantastic breed.

In the past I have mentioned a few times that I would like to work with Gunther along the lines of Mobility Service. So if you are wondering why the vest and patches that is why. I received in the mail today the training information and when I get back in town the first part of Aug. Gunther and I will start his training.

Yesterday, I got a wonderful call from Gunther's breeder. Jazz, Gun's mom is in season, and if all goes well, Sarge and her will have another litter of puppies. Now, if you are interested in one of these pups, PLEASE contact me, or Jay, who's information you can find on the sidebar. I am also going to set up a Yahoo Group for Jay, so that all of us who own one of his pups can chat, share stories and of course post pictures. This would be a great place for those of you interested in one of the (cross your fingers) new pups to get information and ask questions. More will be posted soon about the Yahoo group. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 13, 2006

His vest came today

Check out this handsome boy! His vest came in the mail today a long with his, In Training patch. Now I can get his CGC patch on it too. Anyway, I wasn't sure how he would like it or if he would chew it off, and to my surprise, he really likes it. When I put it on him, he stood like he does for the change of collar, and trotted around like a little horse. LOL. We went outside and he went through all of his Rally Novice commands OFF LEAD. Yes, I said Off Lead. He actually does better off lead. It must be my nerves traveling down the lead that makes him edgy. Anyway, Here he is in all his glory.

I have a little personal news. Last night (July, 12) my membership to the Great Dane Club of the Mid South, was voted on and approved. I am so excited about it. There are so many places where I can volunteer and get involved. It will be so much fun. Mid September is the Speciality Show, and I can't begin to tell you how much I'm looking forward to it! I would like to thank Connie Adams and Willie Crawford, for their support and mentoring.

Ok, enough about me, let's get back to the star! Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 07, 2006

Yahoo Group Post

This information was on one of the Great Dane Groups that I'm on. I thought that it maybe helpful to post it on Gunther's blog.

STRANGE FRUIT: SEASONAL PRODUCE THAT CAN HARM YOUR PETSCherries and lemons and apples, oh my! While spring and summer fruits are goodfor you, certain parts of these seasonal offerings can be potentiallyirritating—and in some situations, occasionally toxic—to companion animals.According to our experts at the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC), thepeels, fruit and seeds of citrus plants such as lemons, oranges, limes andgrapefruits contain varying amounts of citric acid, limonin and volatile oilsthat can cause gastrointestinal irritation and result in vomiting and diarrhea.As for apples, cherries, peaches and apricots, their stems, leaves and seedscontain cyanogenic glycosides that have the potential to cause vomiting and lossof appetite—and in severe cases, weakness, difficulty breathing,hyperventilation, shock and even death.“Typically, these severe effects develop from very large ingestions of plantmaterial, more likely to occur with grazing animals such as horses or otherlivestock,” says the APCC’s Dana Farbman, CVT. “The consumption of a fewsegments of citrus fruit, an apple or two, or a few cherries would usually notbe expected to cause serious problems beyond perhaps minor stomach upset.However, it is important for animal owners to be aware of the potential forproblems that these fruit trees can produce.”As a companion animal owner, it’s always a good idea to become familiar withdifferent types of plants in and around the home—and make sure that potentiallypoisonous species are not accessible to your pets. For lists of both safe andpotentially toxic plants, please visit ASPCA online

Saturday, July 01, 2006

11 Months *UPDATED*

120 pounds, 35 1/2" at shoulders

11 Months old today. This afternoon I'll be getting his size and weight to add to the post, but I wanted to get these pictures of Gunther posted. Saturday isn't really the best time to take pictures of the Gun-man, there are so many distractions. On top of the normal, kids, neighbors, cars, and barking dogs, Gunther was being taunted by squirrels that were watching us. After the last picture of him laying in the grass was taken I released him from his Down/Stay and he took off after the squirrels. He didn't catch any but he enjoyed chasing them. Posted by Picasa