Saturday, October 09, 2010

My Sweetie

When we moved into our apartment, I had a lot of concerns for Gunther's needs. I'd done a lot of research and talked to people who had great danes and had made the move to smaller living space and done really well. So I had an idea about how things would go. BUT, no two danes are a like and in the back of my mind I still worried.
Gunther has always been great in the car, and he did exceptional on the trip. When we arrived I thought his nose would fall off from all the sniffing he was doing. While he was doing his potty thing Sara and GT went up to the apartment and opened it up so that we could start unloading the big truck. With them not in sight, Gunther sniffed his way right to them. (My little tracker).

I wanted Gun to get to know our new space and find a place in the apartment where he was comfortable. He did, he actually has two spaces. The one that surprises me is the balconies. I have two balconies here and he LOVES them. The pictures are of him discovering the first one. I personally think he feels like he can rule from up above everyone. ;-)

Gunther really loves going out on the balcony and watching everyone. So many people go by and give him compliments and are amazed because they have never seen a big dog like him. There has been a few times where other dane owners have fell in love with him and that's been nice. I am sure that Gunther knows when they are talking about him and saying nice things because he'll stand a little taller and look so majestic.
My sweetie is doing well.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Trying to find a vet

Finding a vet for a Great Dane is a big decision. (About as big as the dog). I've been asking around to everyone around Gatlinburg that has a dog and I've gotten some good leads, but nothing that I feel really great about. The one vet that is approved by the Great Dane Club of America is 40 minutes from me. Though I would love to take Gunther there, it's a little far to drive if there was an emergency. So I'll keep calling and keep asking till I find a vet that is open to the needs of a giant breed, big baby.