Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Updates and Stuff

First off, I would like to thank everyone who has asked about Gunther's face. He is doing wonderful. In fact I tried to get him to slow down today long enough to get a picture of it and that didn't work. LOL. Hair is growing back and he is good to go.

While at the dog show over the weekend, (congratulations to all my friends from the Great Dane Club of the Mid South, who's dogs did so well, and to Candance getting her collie's RN, great job). I picked up a few things the Gun Man really needed from the vendors there. The picture above is of Gun modeling his latest coat. It's one of those that you can dampen and it will keep him cool. Ok, it's almost Fall in some places but here in GA it's still in the high 80 - 90's. Also Gunther got microchipped. He was a little nervous so the only way we could get him to relax was to let him jump up on me, and have his front legs on my shoulders, with the help of my friend Connie and my son, GT, Gunther relaxed and didn't make a peep when he got the chip. The doctor said that was the first one he had ever done like that. LOL.

You know, dog shows are a whole different world. Gunther not being use to them, just could not understand why people weren't coming over and petting on him and giving him attention. So a few times he went over and stuck his head under peoples hands and got their attention. Unfortunately some of the people he did that to didn't find it as cute as I did. Oops. LOL.

Before I close I have to tell you all about this great email I got today. A lady sent me pictures of her beautiful black dane. I think he is beautiful, and he looks so much like the Gun that they could be twins. I'll ask her permission if I can post a picture of him up on the blog here so you can see. It's really something.

Ok, Gunther and I are out the door for our walk, take care and may your day be filled with lots of love and big juicy kisses. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Gunther's face injury

As you can see from the picture, Gunther got a pretty good scrape on his face. Bless his heart, he can go from macho to puppy in a heartbeat. We were out in the back yard and he was running full speed having a great time. Then he came around a corner where I was standing and since he was going too fast he didn't make the corner and steam rolled right over me. The bad thing was I was standing next to my garden fence, which is where he scraped his face. He was pretty upset. This is only the second time he has ever been hurt, and he just didn't understand. He also was worried because he knocked me flat. I can't even describe the look in his eyes right after it happened. He was so sad. But the hit happened so fast that before I knew it I was on the ground. Now that part is funny. I got the Gun-man in the house and got his scrape cleaned and medicated and he is doing a lot better. He hasn't been itching it, so that's good and I'm hoping that the hair will grow back nicely.

I took him out to the same area of the yard the next day, and let him run, and he was a little more careful in that area, in fact it took him about 15 minutes to go over to the area. With a memory like that, there's more excuses. LOL.

This coming weekend there is a Dog Show in the area. Gunther will be getting micro chipped on Saturday. Plus he'll get to see some of the show. We'll have a great time. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Gunther's new toy

Today while I was buying Gunther food, I noticed there happened to be a buggy with marked down toys. So being the good doggie mommy I am, I started going through it with a vengence. Finally toward the bottom, there it was, a large toy with noise and many legs. Perfect for a Dane. So I got it for him.

The first picture shows you that he loved it so much he took it outside to potty with him. The next picture shows you what a happy Great Dane looks like coming at you. (by the way, he wasn't even at full speed at that point, those pictures didn't even turn out. LOL) Don't you wish everyone got this happy when you did something special for them? Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Gunther's new crate

Friday we had a new arrival. No not another puppy. Gunther's new crate. It's huge and it's great. He loves it. I have pictures of my kids, my teenage kids sitting in it. Gunther knew it was his immediately and was trying to get in it and sniff around while we were putting it together. Since we were moving things around the room we decided to do some living room rearranging so that's the mess behind his crate. Hopefully we'll get everything the way we (I) want it this afternoon.

I guess I am going to sale his other crate. It's in perfect condition and big enough for a large size dog. What I'd like to do is get Gunther one of the soft side crates for travel. Time to start saving up again. LOL. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Birthday Pictures

Gunther had a wonderful birthday. The morning started out with 2 emails to him wishing him a Happy Birthday, then the day got better. He got a bath, massage, nail trim. Several toys and a whole lot of attention. Everywhere we went when people found out it was his birthday they wanted to tell me their Dane experiences and little kids came up and hugged on him. He was a star! Guther also got to pick out his own birthday toys. (I have a picture of them below) By the end of the day he was ssssooooooooo tired.

Sara got this for Gunther. He loved jumping up there and trying to get it.

This picture is for a friend of mine who hates pictures like these. He knows it coming at every holiday. LOL. I will include here that it took 20 minutes to get this picture because he wanted to eat the pom poms on it. LOL. The hat says "I'm One"

Gun's new toys

Gunther sleeping on his couch.

I'll be posting more pictures later. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It's Gunther's Birthday!


Today my "little guy" is 1 year old. I can't believe a year has passed. We have a busy day planned. Guther is getting a special bath, massage and his nails done. Then we are going to a few of his favorite places. Starbucks where all the barista's think he the greatest and Petsmart so he can get some new toys. Maybe if I can arrange it Gun can visit with his dad some too.

Of course there will be lots of pictures so I'll get them up as soon as I can!