Sunday, August 13, 2006

Gunther's new crate

Friday we had a new arrival. No not another puppy. Gunther's new crate. It's huge and it's great. He loves it. I have pictures of my kids, my teenage kids sitting in it. Gunther knew it was his immediately and was trying to get in it and sniff around while we were putting it together. Since we were moving things around the room we decided to do some living room rearranging so that's the mess behind his crate. Hopefully we'll get everything the way we (I) want it this afternoon.

I guess I am going to sale his other crate. It's in perfect condition and big enough for a large size dog. What I'd like to do is get Gunther one of the soft side crates for travel. Time to start saving up again. LOL. Posted by Picasa

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