Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Too Busy

I've been slack in keeping up with my blogs lately. Things are going on and changes are being made and you wouldn't believe all the decisions I am having to make, BIG ONES. But, I decided over the weekend that I was going to get back to some "me and Gun-man time". So this is the start. LOL.

My daughter and I spent Sunday in Perry, GA. at the Great Dane Club of the Mid South's Spring Specialty. We had a great time. I was the photographer and Sara helped at the trophy table. Of course Ivan was there and came in 2nd in the 6-9 month dog group. It was wonderful being at the show, seeing all the Danes and being around Great Dane people. I always have a great time at dog shows. ;-)

Now for my soap box. I hope not to offend anyone, but I have to share something with you. If you have a Great Dane or are thinking about getting a Great Dane, it should go without saying that your Dane MUST LEARN that he or she is to have manners. And who is going to teach them their manners? YOU. As scary smart as Danes are, there is no reason why a Great Dane cannot learn how you want them to behave in your home. Now there are some exceptions, but I am talking about people who get their Dane from a breeder and bring it home at 8 - 12 weeks and then just let it raise its self. Come on people. If a little dog gets board and chews something up that is one thing, but you are talking about an animal that will grow to weigh over 100 pounds. I'm not even talking about cute little tricks, I am talking about self control, manners and what you want the dog to do or not do in your home. If you have not gotten your Dane yet, please think about this before you pick up your dog. To me your dogs training and behaviour is just as important as hit vet visits and what food you feed them. It's a package deal. Don't leave one area out, you are not only causing your self frustration but you are not doing your dog any favors. Your goal should be a well rounded Great Dane and that's up to you. Ok, I've said my piece and I'll now get off my soap box.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Training the Gun-Man

Well it seems that Gunther has developed a dislike for tall men. It's not his fault, I take responsibility for it, since the day it happened I was too busy talking business with a client and couldn't stop to get away and stop the tall man that was aggressively going after Gunther. The, man, let's just call him the "idot" had been give directions from me in the past about staying clear of Gunther, just for my benefit see I don't like this guy. I didn't want him around me or Gunther. Actually in all the times they had seen each other Gunther never liked him. He is the only person Gunther has not went up to and made friends. I had warned him in the past that Gunther for some reason just wasn't going to connect with him, and to just ignore Gunther and maybe over time it would work out, but the idiot told me that was nonsense and dogs love him (well lets clarify that, all his little dogs love him). I love it when people who have never been around my dog tell me what's best for him, and that I don't know squat.

Anyway to make a long story short, we (Gunther and I) are working very hard at putting things back the way they should be. It has actually turning into something good, because I had gotten way too caught up in the ugly things going in our lives right now, and stopping to work more with Gunther and walk him has been great for my mindset and Gunther is a lot happier.

There have been several tall men that have been great in helping and offering to help with Gunther and I thank them so much. We are very close to getting the old Gun-man back who was just crazy about everyone.

This coming weekend is the Great Dane Speciality in Perry, GA. I love these. Seeing all the beautiful Danes is amazing and just being at the dog show it's self is so much fun. I won't get to stay as long as I would like but at least this year I'm going.

Once back from the Perry, Gunther and I will dive in head first into getting him totally ready for Rally competition. He needs a little work on sitting faster. Everything else I think is pretty good. We have been working on the different requirements for each level of Rally, so maybe it will go smoothly and before we know it, we'll be in Obedience competition. That would be wonderful.