Friday, February 16, 2007

He ought to be in pictures

This week I've been thinking about some of the Dane people I know and all the photos throughout their homes of their Danes, past and present. So it got me thinking about Gunther's pictures. Almost all of his photos are online. I only have 1 that is framed out where every one can see. And it's not like I don't take pictures of him, I take so many pictures of Gunther that it's to the point that when Gunther sees me with a camera he will either stop and stand or sit waiting for his picture. That's pretty bad. LOL. Anyway, I'm going through all the pictures picking out some to have enlarged and professionally framed. These are a couple that I have in mind.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Stylin' Gunther

Last week I noticed that Gunther was cold and shaking a little so for the fun of it I wrapped his neck up with one of my scarves. He loved it, he kept it on all day and even wanted to sleep in it. So I got the idea of making him a neckwarmer. Since I'm a professional knitter I had several ideas about making Gunther one, but I needed to start out with something basic. So that is where we are at.

I even made an opening for his lead to attach to his collar.

Not really thinking about it I mentioned it to some other dog owners I know and now I have orders for 3 more. I'm also adding the option of making them a little long so it will come up around the ears a little more.

If you are interested in ordering one also, email me at knitting business email address.

Oh a quick update on the crate that Gunther didn't get. The lady handling the business was kind enough to admit that I had pretty much fallen through the cracks and refunded my money. I still need a crate and so far it's the biggest one I have seen. But, I'm going to look around before trying to order from them again.