Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Birthday Pictures

Gunther had a wonderful birthday. The morning started out with 2 emails to him wishing him a Happy Birthday, then the day got better. He got a bath, massage, nail trim. Several toys and a whole lot of attention. Everywhere we went when people found out it was his birthday they wanted to tell me their Dane experiences and little kids came up and hugged on him. He was a star! Guther also got to pick out his own birthday toys. (I have a picture of them below) By the end of the day he was ssssooooooooo tired.

Sara got this for Gunther. He loved jumping up there and trying to get it.

This picture is for a friend of mine who hates pictures like these. He knows it coming at every holiday. LOL. I will include here that it took 20 minutes to get this picture because he wanted to eat the pom poms on it. LOL. The hat says "I'm One"

Gun's new toys

Gunther sleeping on his couch.

I'll be posting more pictures later. Posted by Picasa

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Diana said...

I'm glad he had a great birthday. In the last picture, he looks tuckered out!