Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Updates and Stuff

First off, I would like to thank everyone who has asked about Gunther's face. He is doing wonderful. In fact I tried to get him to slow down today long enough to get a picture of it and that didn't work. LOL. Hair is growing back and he is good to go.

While at the dog show over the weekend, (congratulations to all my friends from the Great Dane Club of the Mid South, who's dogs did so well, and to Candance getting her collie's RN, great job). I picked up a few things the Gun Man really needed from the vendors there. The picture above is of Gun modeling his latest coat. It's one of those that you can dampen and it will keep him cool. Ok, it's almost Fall in some places but here in GA it's still in the high 80 - 90's. Also Gunther got microchipped. He was a little nervous so the only way we could get him to relax was to let him jump up on me, and have his front legs on my shoulders, with the help of my friend Connie and my son, GT, Gunther relaxed and didn't make a peep when he got the chip. The doctor said that was the first one he had ever done like that. LOL.

You know, dog shows are a whole different world. Gunther not being use to them, just could not understand why people weren't coming over and petting on him and giving him attention. So a few times he went over and stuck his head under peoples hands and got their attention. Unfortunately some of the people he did that to didn't find it as cute as I did. Oops. LOL.

Before I close I have to tell you all about this great email I got today. A lady sent me pictures of her beautiful black dane. I think he is beautiful, and he looks so much like the Gun that they could be twins. I'll ask her permission if I can post a picture of him up on the blog here so you can see. It's really something.

Ok, Gunther and I are out the door for our walk, take care and may your day be filled with lots of love and big juicy kisses. Posted by Picasa

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