Friday, September 01, 2006

It's a sad day.

For the past couple of days one of my best friends has been going through hell. I have felt terrible for her. She has been taking care of 4 Great Danes by herself. Now that would keep anyone on their toes if all 4 were healthy but 1 of them has had a stomach problem so she has come home from work to clean up messes from him, plus being up at night taking care of him, and cooking him chicken and rice so he will eat, so that was a load to face and then on top of that she has 2 Danes that are sisters that have had special health needs. Well yesterday I get a call that one of the sisters is seriously ill. She had taken a fall and that seemed to have triggered a chain of events that lead to her passing this morning.

Gracie was soon to be 6 years old. She had neurological problems all her life. Her picture is below. She is the one in the front.

The only good to this is that Gracie is not ill any more. That she is happy and healthy and waiting to see her "mommy" once again.

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joysabo said...

sorry to hear of your loss. you are in our thoughts.
joy and burton