Thursday, July 20, 2006

Patches are on the vest & other news

Finally I had some spare time and was able to get Gunther's patches sewn on his vest. He is so funny when that vest is on him. He went from running through the house with his "froggy" hanging out of his mouth, to the regal dog, with his head held high, trotting outside for his photo shoot. LOL. I love him, so much, he is such a great dog and Danes are a fantastic breed.

In the past I have mentioned a few times that I would like to work with Gunther along the lines of Mobility Service. So if you are wondering why the vest and patches that is why. I received in the mail today the training information and when I get back in town the first part of Aug. Gunther and I will start his training.

Yesterday, I got a wonderful call from Gunther's breeder. Jazz, Gun's mom is in season, and if all goes well, Sarge and her will have another litter of puppies. Now, if you are interested in one of these pups, PLEASE contact me, or Jay, who's information you can find on the sidebar. I am also going to set up a Yahoo Group for Jay, so that all of us who own one of his pups can chat, share stories and of course post pictures. This would be a great place for those of you interested in one of the (cross your fingers) new pups to get information and ask questions. More will be posted soon about the Yahoo group. Posted by Picasa

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