Sunday, June 04, 2006

10 months

Thursday, June 1st, Gunther turned 10 months. I plan on getting his new weight tomorrow. Today we were out and about and I seen this duck toy and when it's pressed it sounds like a duck, so of course I had to get it for Gun. HE LOVES IT. In fact he loves it so much that when Sara took him out to potty, he took the duck with him. LOL.

This morning, Gunther didn't realize it was Sunday and decided at 6 AM it was time to get and have breakfast and do his normal routine. I tried to cover up in hopes that he'd get the hint and go back to sleep. Oh hell no. He took my covers off me and the bed. The boy is determined. So I got my covers back, crawled back into bed just to find myself the cushion for the Great Dane. ;-) When he turned his head we were nose to nose. It was so funny. By this time, there was no going back to sleep, I got up and took the little guy outside and then fed him and then started doing some computer work while he went back to bed. Posted by Picasa

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