Friday, June 16, 2006

Growing Leaps And Bounds

Monday we took this new photo of the Gun-Man. Though the picture doesn't do him justice, it gives you a pretty good idea about his size and how he is growing. It seems that mid-May he really started growing in height and now looks like he's all legs. (stilts).

We are having a great time with Rally classes and then practicing at home. I also have found a new place to take him and walk on Tuesday and Thursdays while the kids are at karate. It's a beautiful walking park and almost everyone has their dog with them. We'll be going there this coming Tuesday.

The 14th was my second meeting at the Great Dane Club of the Mid South. There was a Rally judge there giving a demonstration. Diane Pegram. I learned quiet a bit and was really glad to learn that my instructor, Donna Thompson, at Doggie Daycare, is a head of the game in teaching us Rally. She's a great instructor and has amazing patience. LOL.

Also at the meeting I was able to get my 2 signatures for membership. It will be voted on at the next meeting. (cross your fingers). After the meeting was over I got to see 3 beautiful Danes. They just took my breath away. Especially the young one that is just a few months younger than Gun. They are Black Onyx Brindle males. If you ever get a chance to see Black Onyx Brindle's, DO IT. You won't be let down.

I just can't tell you how amazing this breed is. For me the Great Dane has everything and more that you could want in a dog. I love them. Posted by Picasa

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