Wednesday, June 07, 2006

10 month update

Well my little boy isn't so little. 118 pounds and 35" at the shoulders. It wasn't till a picture I took of him the other day that I realized just how "leggy" he has gotten. In one month he's grown 2 inches in height. I have noticed that he can reach the things he isn't suppose to better than he use to. LOL.

Speaking of those things. Some of his latest tricks are taking the cushions off the couch and chairs laying them out on the floor and then laying down on them. He is now not just catching one but sometimes up to 3 ice cubes in his mouth from the ice despenser on the freezer door. That is actually the funniest thing to watch.

Today we went to Pets Mart and walked through and he did so good. We practiced some of his commands for Rally and he was just on the money today. He totally loves training time. There were all kinds of kids and adults wanting to pet on him and it was just a really great time for him. One of the commands that he has not done real well is the "front" command where he comes to my front and sits. Well today it clicked not only there at Pets Mart but here at home. Plus the great part was he did it on and off lead. He's getting it! I am really hoping that he will be able to be good enough to compete in Rally. Gun and I would have a great time.

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Cheryl said...

What a big boy is he getting to be!
Poochie will drink out of the polar water cooler if we don't watch.