Sunday, September 09, 2007

How about some pictures?

Since it's been a week or so since I posted I thought I would catch you up with some pictures.

Gunther is doing the slow grow up thing now. He's starting to settle down a little. His chest is developing and he is starting to look more like his dad. But, don't let that grown up face fool you. He's still a crazy puppy and can out run Truman any day. LOL.

This picture of Gunther I totally love. It shows how muscular his is and how he is developing.

Now here are a couple of partner's in crime. When these guys get going look out. It's really wonderful that Truman is recovering more and more everyday. He is full of so much life. The 11th he goes back to the doctor and hopefully will be released and off the meds.

One of Truman's favorite things like all danes is to lean. I think they like to lean because they know they will get their sides rubbed and lots of lovin'. How do you like that right ear? We call it the "magical mystery ear" because it has a mind of it's own. LOL. (thank heavens it's not on the show side.)

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donna said...

Gorgeous! Do you know of any great dane breeders near Greenville SC? I got my first great dane around 4mths ago and she is awesome. Her daddy was 1/2 great dane and 1/2 st bernard but her mama is full great dane. She is a big teddy bear. I want another one and can't find any near me. Any info would be helpful. You can email me at donnajjohnson@hotmail. Thanks.