Sunday, January 07, 2007

A Belated Christmas Present for Gunther

I purchased something for Gunther that I had planned on doing for Christmas and just couldn't. But, finally I found the one I wanted and the size. I can't wait to get it. I'll post real pictures of it when it comes, and pictures of Gunther in it so everyone can get a better idea of the size of it.
Here is the product info:

Product Description
These Soft Dog Crates are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Heavy duty steel frame that supports the soft crate ensures durability and a water resistant material will keep your pet dry. Three Doors, One on front, one on the side and one on top all with zippered mesh screens for extra security and access. 2 bags as pictured are included. 51"*31"*35" Actual weight, 21LBS.


Gunther news. Ok, this is what everyone is really wanting to know. How is the Gun-Man and what is he up to. ;-) Gunther is doing good. His nose is still a little chapped and dried out. I've used several things to help heal it up, but it's still not where it needs to be. (Any suggestions from my friends who live in snow country would be appreciated). Also, he has been burping. LOL. Ok, I know danes burp, but it's like, he gets in your face and burps and it smells terrible, then he smacks his lips. He then goes off like he just wanted to share that with me. So he's acting like a boy, not a male dog, like a kid. I have a friend who's son does the same thing. LOL. Go figure.

On the training front. Gun has learned a couple more things. He knows the word Thru. And will go through your legs. We have laughed till tears ran down our faces and this huge boy crawling between people's legs. He is also sitting closer and on the come front command, he is getting closer to me, which will be perfect for in the Rally ring. Even though I haven't been able to work with him that much outside because of my knee injury, we have been doing small segments in the house. Every little bit will help get that Rally title. Besides, it's just fun working with him.

Take care


Paula said...

Hi from snow country! Glad to hear Gun's doing fine. As for his chapped nose, I would try an udder balm like Bag Balm. I apply Dr. Naylor udder balm to Savage's elbow callouses to keep them from drying out too much and cracking, and so far it has worked well. My dane is also acting like a child lately. Just read the new post on his blog. Arrgh! Anyway, Happy New Year, Gunther!!

spiritinindy77 said...

Hi guys:
I have been reading all the comments on these pages. Ur great danes are beautiful. We just got our first great dane in September of 06. We love him. We are thinking about breeding him but not sure how that works. Any advice u guys have for me would be wonderful..Glad to hear that Gunther is going good!!

Heidi said...

I cant believe how big Gunther had gotten! My Dane Kira is a month younger than Gun-man, and its been so much fun for me to compare them to each other (in growth, amount of food, BEHAVIOR - haha, Kira is nutty)! Anway, he's beautiful! And I cant wait to hear if that crate works out...Kira's is a monstrosity that I would like to get out of my living room.