Saturday, January 27, 2007

A No Show

Well Gunther and I have been waiting weeks for the crate and it's still a no show. Last week the company finally contacted me letting me know they were "looking" into it. How nice, it's been weeks, and they are looking into it. (patience is growing thin). My next step will be calling and getting my money back. It's really crazy that something this big could get lost. Gunther's other huge crate I ordered from them last August came in a few days. Oh well.

Anyway, all is good here. Gunther is doing well and we are having a ball with him. I will be glad for a little warmer weather though. It's hard for me to get out with him when its cold, especially the damp cold that we've been having here in GA. But it won't be long till Spring and we can be outside all the time.

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Paula said...

20 degrees below here. I know exactly what you mean about not getting outside as much...