Sunday, July 29, 2007

I messed up. LOL.

Now I can laugh about it. But at the show I messed up the Rally routine so we didn't do too good. But, we did have a good time. Gunther at first wasn't really fond of the hotel room, he sniffed every inch of it. But before long he made it home. Here are some pictures.
Here we are beginning the Rally course. This is right before my mistake.

This is a great picture of Gunther. He was tired and had a long day. The boy was ready for a long rest.

Our friends that were at the show too, did really well. Congrats to Noel and boy Max for getting their first 4 point win on Friday. They are still at the show today so hopefully we'll have more good news coming from Noel.

Jay and Barbara were there with Ivan. He came in 3rd on Saturday in his group. He would have done better if another dog hadn't have been aggressive toward him and distracted him. This same aggressive dog about 30 minutes earlier went after Gunther and tried to bite his muzzle. Needless to say I was pissed that someone with a dog with that temperament was even showing.

I haven't looked at the schedule but I believe our next show will be in August here in Atlanta. It will be a lot of fun. This show we may skip Rally and take T to start getting use to the "show" atmosphere. When shows are inside, they are load, crowded and at times insane. ;-)

Speaking of T. He is now 54.5 lbs. I am so glad that he is gaining a little weight. He's a little taller too. He has just the sweetest disposition and just loves doing things with us. There isn't a mean bone in his body.

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