Saturday, July 21, 2007

Gunther has a brother

Yup, Gunther has a little brother now. We call him "T" but his AKC name is Sir Hagan Tru, son of Shockin. The explanation of his name is the Sir is a reference to his father, Royale, Hagen is the mythological brother to Gunther, Tru is a reference to what the breeder called him, Truman, and the son of Shockin is the acknowledgement of the breeder's kennel name. But, we just call him "T". Here is a link to his sire CH Stone Valley's Rocky Raccoon CD, RE, CGC, TT, HIT and a link to his mom, Shannon's Shockin You Again.

T, is 16 weeks old and will be in his first dog show in October of this year. He weighs 45 lbs as of yesterday (Friday). He's a cutie and we're so excited about having him in the family. He does some of the funniest things and he's like an older dane in a little puppy. We are going to have some funny stories about him and Gunther soon enough. LOL. T's own blog is in the works, I'll post the link when it's ready.


Paula said...

T is such a cutie! Is he a really dark brindle? Hard to tell in the pics. Congratulations on your baby bro, Gun.

Rhonda Surratt said...

He looks just like my Gabi! As a matter of fact they are half brother/sisters. Gabi's dad is Royale too. When I saw the picture of him I said "WOW looks just like Gabi" Then read who his sire was.....LOL

He is beautiful! Don't you just love the onyx brindles?