Saturday, March 17, 2007

Gunther and his new toy

Ok so maybe I can't resist getting Gunther new toys all the time. But you should see how happy he gets, when I bring one home to him. He got a new spider today and has played with the thing ALL day. Including slept with it when he stopped long enough for a nap. LOL. He even tried to take it outside to potty. With all the other things going on in my families life right now, it's so wonderful having a companion that is happy and can be so thrilled with something as simple as a toy.

In a couple of weeks Gunther's brother Ivan will be in another show. I am really looking forward to it. I love going to dog shows. But I have heard that Ivan has been doing a little growing and so it will be interesting to see how much he has grown and if it helps him in the ring. Will let you know.


cheryl said...

My dog Jethro is the same way. He gets so excited if I bring him a stuffed animal. I love watching them play. The pictures with Gunther and his new toy are just adorable.

Paula said...

Gunther has the exact same spider I bought for Savage about a month ago!! Actually, he picked it out at PetCo and made me buy it for him. Warning: it won't stand up to Great Dane chewing for too long. Savvy just killed his a couple days ago, but it was his all-time favorite toy for a brief moment in time. LOL.

Foster Mom said...

My first Dane Teddy had one of these. He sallowed 2 of the legs...They came out in tact the following day. Count those legs reguarly!
Your dogs are fantastic.
And thank you for posting Alberts Blog.

Denn said...

My Boo loves to chew on stuffed animals. The first love he had was a moose with long legs from Petsmart...he ripped it to shreds in a couple weeks. Right now he has a large "Stitch" stuffed animal that is amazingly still intact and going on about 4 weeks. Maybe he doesn't like Stitch.

lisa said...

Loki is a harlequin male Dane and he has the exact same spider too! lol He also loves it.