Saturday, November 19, 2005

Too Smart

One of the things that I love about puppy and dogs for that matter, is that you can tell when something clicks for them. The look in their eyes and the expression lets you know, "I got it!" Well yesterday while Gunther and I were going through his commands, and playing around, we had us a moment, but not what I expected. He did his Sit perfectly. So then from the Sit I was giving him the hand signal for the down and at the same time saying the command. Well, Gunther looked at me square in the eyes and took his front right leg and did the Down command hand signal. It was hilarious. He looked at me like why aren't you doing the command? I guess I give him the same look. LOL. The great thing is that he is paying attention, he is interested and he is having a good time. He did do the Down and stayed in it for about 45 seconds which is better than last time.

Today he has school again. It will be a lot fun, he really enjoyed it last week.

Here is the latest 15 week picture of him.

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