Thursday, November 10, 2005

He's Growing Up So Quickly

The "little" guy is 14 weeks and still a BUNDLE of joy. LOL. Tomorrow he has his vet check up and then on Saturday he starts school. Puppy Classes! Sort of off track here let me insert that my son's humor is very much like comedians along the lines of Ron White and George Carlin, so you can imagine the one liners that I have heard about taking a puppy who naturally knows how to be a puppy to classes on being a puppy. It's been too funny. Anyway, Puppy classes are starting at the Doggie Daycare of Fayette and that's where we are headed for the next two Saturdays. Then in January, (December is going to be way too busy) we will be starting Basic obedience. Though right now he does just about everything except the Down command. But, I still want to work with a trainer and it will be good for him to be with other dogs and distractions while learning.

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