Saturday, November 19, 2005

Graduation Day

I have another child who has graduated this year. Gunther graduated today from Puppy Classes. Though he was pretty tired toward the end of the class, he did really well. My little guy is some what hesitate around other people (except Cole, Robert, Crystal, Susan, Jay, Barbara and the bunch from the karate school), especially when there is a lot of commotion and people talking, but he'll get through that with a little more exposure to other people. I have been careful about where I take him and who I expose him too, since I went through a terrible experience with a German Shepherd and Parvo. Now that Gun-Buns is about finished with his shots, I can take him more places and he can meet more people.

Anyway, I have some pictures from today that are pretty entertaining. And, by the way, I cannot suggest highly enough that if you are on the south metro side of Atlanta, to go to Doggie Daycare of Fayette. The people there are awesome and they will love your dog as much as you do.

Ok picture one, Gunther's certificate

This beautiful Harl is Cleopatra. She has so much personality. If I remember correctly she's 5 months old. She has a brother at home that looks like Gunther.

Here is Gunther (with alien eyes and ears) and Donna Thompson the Training Coordinator at Doggie Daycare of Fayette

and of course the star of the blog, Gunther, doing what all kids do after a busy day of school and graduating ;-) We'll party later when he gets up.

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