Saturday, November 12, 2005


Puppy class was so much fun. Gunther did really well. He came when called even with a lot of distraction. I learned 2 new ways to teach him the Down command, and he absolutely had a ball going through the agility tunnel. I believe that there were a total of 6 dogs. Cleo is a beautiful 5 month old Dane. She is stunning, full of energy and ssssssooooo much personality. Cleo's parents have another Dane at home. Both of their Danes are going to start in the basic obedience when this puppy class is over. We had almost decided on starting Gunther's official basic training the session after this one. With the holidays are coming up I would have to miss one due to travel, but after finding out there will be more Danes there, I think it would be a whole lot of fun taking the training with them. Maybe somehow I can make the class up. We'll see.

Out of respect to the other dogs and their owners I didn't take any photos this week. But, next week I can take photos. Today it would have been pretty distracting for them with my flash going off all time.

I wish I worked with dogs full time, especially large and giant breeds. It's so much fun. So Gunther is laying here exhausted and I'm starving so we will say bye for now.

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