Saturday, March 25, 2006

What a relief

The past few weeks my nerves have been a little frayed. Between the dailey routine, schedules changing, a few work related problems, Gunther's foot and his reaction to the medicine, it's been intense. But, Thursday night was a relief. For me and I think for Gunther. He started his Intermediate Obedience. It felt so good working with him again in that environment. There were 3 other dogs this time (I'm sure more will be there next week) and we had a great time. Gunther did great, I on the other hand messed up, but I have a valid reason, ok, excuse. LOL.

We were working on Sit/Stay then walking about 35 feet away and giving the Come command. Gunther did great, but when I gave the Come command, my 105 pound puppy came running at me with the look in his eye that there was only one thing he wanted. TO JUMP UP ON ME. I turned to the side waiting for the train to collide with me. LOL. So the next time, I did better, not perfect yet, but better. We've been working on it and I'm getting more comfortable with it. The other dogs in the class did so good. It's always a thrill for me to watch dogs in obedience. I personally think that humans always underestimate the ability of dogs.

Gunther's foot is doing better. He still has a little limp only when he trots. Yesterday I noticed that even the limp was some better. The only other news about his foot is that I am taking him to a different vet for a second opinion. Will keep the blog posted.

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