Monday, March 13, 2006

Gunther's first injury

I've heard story after story about Great Dane's and their injuries and have consider Gunther pretty fortunate but last night he got his first injury.

It was about 5:30pm and he had been running through the house with one of his toys, which he is totally normal for him, but he came down the stairs into the kitchen, turned and when he went back up the stairs, lost control of his legs. We heard him yell and then of course the limping started. It was his back, right leg. He immediately let me check him out, and there was no visual injury, (thank heavens). He also was able to bend it very well, then I checked his toes. I was really concerned that he had broken a toe. But that wasn't it, (another thank heavens) When I started looking between his toes and pads I found it, a cut and scrape between the large foot pad and one of the toes. It was bleeding, so we got it cleaned up, looked for anything in it like splinter and then applied an antibiotic cream. You should have seen his eyes through all this, he looked so confused and sad. He had no idea what was happening to him.

Gunther hasn't been a big fan of people playing with his back feet, so this gave us an opportunity to get him a little more use to it. It's been so sad seeing him limp around. The good news is that this morning he is still limping but he's putting some weight on it and has been able to go outside to potty and actually followed me up 13 steps to get the kids up this morning. So I think he will be ok, we are just going to watch for any swelling and infection.

Will keep the blog updated on his recovery.

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Cheryl said...

Here's wishing a quick recovery!! Poor baby!!