Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Injury Update of the Update

Earlier I had posted that Gunther was doing better, and at that time he was. But then this afternoon, his foot started swelling and the limping got worse and so off we went to the vet. She doesn't believe at that he has anything in there, like a splinter, etc, but she isn't sure if it's broke or fractured. So she didn't want to do xrays today, because she wants to give it another week. Sometimes when a toe is jammed really badly it can look like it's broke, so she gave me two prescriptions for him, and told me what to watch for and took my $100. and sent me home with my baby for a week.

The medicine she has him on is Metacam for the pain and Keflex which is an antibiotic.

By the way, he is just shy of 105 pounds now. ;-)

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Cheryl said...

oh dear!! I hope the antibiotic helps..the poor (big) baby!!