Friday, March 10, 2006

Another Graduation

Thursday night Gunther graduated from Basic Obedience Class. This past 6 weeks have really been a lot of fun. Gun-man was a little tired last night because I had walked him a lot earlier in the day. He had a huge amount of energy and so we walked, and walked. About half way through class when we had the dogs in the Down Command and let other dogs walk between us. Gunther was just laying there like a blob pretty much given out. LOL. It was funny. But he did well and behaved well with the other dogs. There are still many things he has to learn. I mentioned he is great with other dogs, but he's still a little shy around people. That is a big thing I want to work on, also letting people approach him and touch him. He has to learn that if he's going to be shown.

My daughter, Sara, took some pictures during class, she forgot to put the red eye filter on, but that's ok I am in the process of fixing the eyes. It's pretty funny seeing all these dogs with glowing eyes. Anyway, I have a picture of Greg and Gunther. It turned out pretty good, I fixed Gunther's eyes so he doesn't look like an alien.

In a few weeks Gunther starts the Intermediate Obedience. Greg again will be his instructor. Greg has a wonderful way with the dogs. One of the things I have enjoyed about the class is watching how Greg works with the dogs and the owners. Sometimes there is a fine line in dealing with dog owners, and Greg handles the owners and their dogs very well. I've always felt that the title dog trainer was a little off, it should be "dog owner trainer" lol.

Have a great weekend and I hope you have many long walks with your dog(s).

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