Friday, March 03, 2006

He's waiting for his latte

It's not the picture I had hoped, but it seems that we are not going to be able to get a picture of Gunther and his dad for a week or so. But, it worked out, because we took him to Starbucks and sat out in the sun and visited with Jay's (the breeder) girlfriend. Gunther always recognizes her and loves her so much.

The other thing that was good about getting him to Starbucks today, was that he has started a bad habit that we are taking care of before it gets out of hand. Gunther has discovered that he has a voice. Wednesday he barked at everyone on the earth. Even though he means no harm, a 99 pound Great Dane barking is a little unsettling. I talked with his trainer and he gave me some wonderful suggestions. One of them was the squirt bottle. When he barks when he isn't suppose to, he gets a little squirt, then when he stops the barking he gets ton of praise. I am happy to announce that he did not bark at one person the whole time we were at Starbucks. So I am cautiously happy that we may be on the other side of this habit.

Several of you have personally emailed me asking me if I would agree to breeding Gunther when he was older, and if I was going to show Gunther. I am in the process of making those decisions. There is a possibility that I may show the Gun-man. The only thing that really stands in the way, is the white markings he has. From what I have been told though, he would really do well inspite of the white. So I'm talking with AKC judges and breeders getting their feedback and will be taking Gunther to be evaluated soon.

Have a wonderful weekend,
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Cheryl said...

what a good baby he is!!!
My dog Jethro would be wiggling at everyone!!!!