Saturday, January 14, 2006

Open House at Doggie Day Care

10am couldn't get here fast enough today for me. I've been looking forward to this Open House ever since I got the invitation. I've wanted to see the dog demonstrations and talking with all the trainers. Well, it was wonderful. GT, Gunther and I arrived at 10 and Gunther recognized the training room and Donna, his Puppy trainer. It was so cute. A few minutes after we got there the room was full with dogs, owners and the shows started. Seeing these dogs work was as exciting and I expected. Gunther did really well sitting there watching, but got a little nervous when the Agility group did the see-saw. It made a noise the upset him, but we took the opportunity to work with him on it while there. He socialized good with all the dogs and actually got use to strangers touching him. He kind of took up with a little girl that was standing close to us. She was a sweet little girl who wants to bring her dog to beginning obedience classes. The part I really wanted to see was the Rally obedience demonstration. This is what I would like to train Gunther for. He has the ability to do it. I just really needed to see it done and get an idea of the direction to head in with his training. Now I have a plan. Donna actually let me take Gunther through the course and of course he was totally distracted and didn't really want to work for treats since he kind of got tired of them. LOL. But, now I know that once we get through Basic and Intermediate obedience we should be ready for AKC Rally. I'm so excited.

Once again, Gunther and I have had a wonderful time at Doggie Day Care of Fayette. If you ever get a chance to stop by there, you will really enjoy yourself.

While we were playing today, Sara put in a full day at work. Clearly these two are pretty tired.

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