Wednesday, January 11, 2006

It's all about the tennis balls

This is the king of chasing tennis balls. Tennis balls have become his passion. LOL. The dog has not met a tennis ball he didn't like. Over the past few weeks since it's been pretty nice outside, Gunther's love for chasing tennis balls has grown., maybe I should call it an obsession. He walks around nearly all the time with a tennis ball in his mouth. The good thing about it, is that I have tons of tennis balls around here. My daughter was not far from becoming a professional tennis player. A shoulder/elbow injury brought her to a point of choice, now we have tons for tennis balls for our little guy.

One of Gunther's favorite things is have an audience watching him, and GT is perfect for that. When I'm in the office or not available GT works with The Gun-Man and has done a wonderful job with him. From the spot where they are at in the picture, GT can throw the ball to the far corner of the property and Gunther can get a pretty good run in. They do this every day. I think Gunther would stay out and chase the tennis balls 24 hours if he could. A lot of times outside Gunther will have two tennis balls in his mouth. That is hilarious. I've tried to get pictures of that but he just moves too fast for my camera. I'll keep trying.

Gunther has a doggie friend who loves tennis balls about as much as he does. My X's, German Shepherd, Freya. She is 9 years old and really enjoys running with Gunther in the backyard. It's funny the competition they have with each other. They both see how many tennis balls they can fit in their mouths and then kick the other ones around like they are playing soccer. Gunther now stands taller than Freya. I told her one day this little puppy would be bigger and faster than her, and she's finally getting it. She really moves to get to those tennis balls, because she's learned that Gunther will get there first with half the effort. LOL. The next nice weekend, I'm going to get the video camera out and get movies of them playing. I don't have that many movie's of my German Shepherd that passed in October, and I really wished that I had. So lesson learned.

This picture of Gun's butt is because of the story I'm going to tell you. This morning coming up to the living room area, I looked over at the couch and seen Gunther's butt over the arm of the couch. He had gotten stuck climbing over it. Well instead of trying to get off the couch or finishing the getting up there part, he just stayed there, with his butt in the air, legs pulled up like frog legs. I wondered why he was just staying there, and then I seen he was chewing on his kong toy. So it really didn't matter to him that he was stuck .LOL. By the time I got the camera, the moment had been and gone. His hind end runs by a different set of rules, I'm beginning to think. LOL

In closing I want to mention quickly that my thoughts and prayers are with the families who have lost their dog companions because of the tainted Diamond Dog food. There have been several in GA. It's terrible and I feel very sad for them. When you are doing the everything you can for your dog, and something like this happens it un-nerves you to your core. And then for it to happen during the holiday season, is awful. I hope in time that they will heal from this sudden hurt.

Blessed be


Heidi said...

Hi, I have been watching Gunther grow up and he is a beautiful boy. I have a Dane puppy; she is a month younger than Kira. A rambunctious thing; and so far she is right on target with Gunther in growth. I wish she would play with a tennis ball though - she will chase them and then stare at them with this "Now what?" look on her face. Too funny.

Gunther said...


That is such a cute story. I love how Danes develop. Even though they are so similar, they are the little things, like the tennis ball that makes them so cute. Gunther's parents crush tennis balls. They don't like either the size or color or something, but Jay had told me on a few occasions that they will with one bite flatten the tennis ball.

Thank you for visiting Gunther's blog. I really appreciate it. I hope that everyone who visits it leaves with a smile, because we all need to smile more.

Take care,