Friday, January 13, 2006

Baby Gunther

About 9 o'clock I hear this call "Mom, come here, you aren't going to believe what Gunther has done now." So I came running, with camera in hand. LOL. Here he was in the middle of the living room with his blanket. Now, he had to get the blanket out of the crate, pull it to the middle of the living room ( about 5 yards) and then wrap up in it. He was so cute. Laying there looking like a little puppy again. (at least in his eyes) I've seen him roll around and wrap himself up while he's been in the crate before, but in the middle ofthe living room was just too damn cute. Posted by Picasa

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Cheryl said...

Poochie used to do this too when she was little --they are such fun to watch....and he is such a baby doll!!