Thursday, November 02, 2006

Time has flown by

This morning I realized that life had once again taken over and I was too busy for my own good. LOL. Sometimes it just happens before you know it. Well that's where I'm at. We've had birthdays and training and extra work and wow here we are the 2nd day of November. So I'll catch you up with the latest and greatest of Gunther news.

We have been working daily on Rally. I purchased the cones that are used in Rally and set up similar courses to practice on. I've even been working on things that will be expected of him in the next level of Rally. He is just so smart and catches on quickly. He is doing really well and I think once we get into actually competing he will do wonderful. The only thing that may get him, is not being use to being in that atmosphere. Dog shows are a whole world of their own, so I plan on taking him to a few and just walking him through and exposing him to it. Then in January we'll start.

I had planned on starting him in tracking classes, but that has gotten put on hold since I just had $600.00 worth of work done on my car. With the holidays coming up, I'm guessing that will have to be put off till the first of the year too. The good thing about all this is that we have something to look forward to.

It's not often that I post without a picture of my Gun-man, but today I took some pictures and they just turned out terrible. So I promise that I'll get some over the weekend. You might be surprised how much he has grown since the last set of pictures.

Gunther's parents had pups about 4 weeks ago and they are amazing. To see them click here. You can't go wrong getting one of these pups. They are sweethearts.

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Paula said...

Gunther is already so accomplished! It's amazing. Looking forward to the new pics. By the way, I'm glad he enjoyed Savi's video. I was LMAO that entire morning.