Monday, November 20, 2006

We're back and I have new pictures

It's been awhile since I posted and I apologize. It's been a wild and wacky time at my house. Hopefully things have settled down until the first of years and I can get back to regular posts and pictures of my sweetie.

We have been in TN. (Sevierville, Gatlinburg) for the past week and so this mornings Gunther was ready to get out in the backyard and play and just go nuts. The pictures below are of a naked Gunther. (no collar). He loves to be naked. LOL. Actually I think it makes his neck look longer and his chest a little bigger.

Gunther, being the keen squirrel hunter he is, seen one of his friends running across the privacy fence. It made for a great picture. This could be one of my favorites of him.

It wasn't until I took the above picture that I noticed that Gunther is starting to look more like an adult Dane and less like the crazy puppy he is. Well, before we know it he will be a "big boy". ;-)

Puppy News: Gunther's breeder has placed all of the puppies. According to his website all of the babies have new homes. I am so excited for those people. I know that if their pups are like Gunther they will have the perfect addition to their families. I believe that Friday the 17th, some of them were going to their new homes (how great is that, they are going to have their first Thanksgiving with their new pups). Hopefully I will be talking to Jay in the next day or so to see how many have gone and if any of them went out of town/state.

Ok, there's laundry to fold and lunch to fix. Gunther and I are busy today so we'll close for now. Posted by Picasa

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Diana said...

Gunther certainly has grown up to be a great looking adult dog. He definitely has lost his puppy look!