Friday, April 28, 2006

He's all smiles

Gunther is all smiles because, HE DID IT. Last night he passed all 10 requirements for his AKC Canine Good Citizen certification. Gun of course did fine, I was the nervous one.

I'm going to miss our Thursday night classes. They were always a lot of fun and Greg is an excellent trainer. Two other ladies in the class and myself had also been in the Basic Obedience class so we formed wonderful friendships. Hopefully we are all going to be joining the Rally class, so we can "hang out" again.

Ok, enough of me. Gunther news. Along with his certification, the Gun-man had come up with a few more little cute things. I believe that I've all ready mentioned getting the ice cubes from the freezer door, and the sticking his head in the sick when the faucet is on to get water, if not, consider yourself up to date on Gun. LOL. Now for the new stuff. In his crate he has a blanket, and on his chair he has a blanket. Lately he will get one of them, sometimes both and lay it out on the floor, to lay down on. What's funny about it, is he doesn't just drop it, he lays it down and then kind of spreads it out, then lays on it. Then when I tell him to go lay down, he goes to that blanket and lays right down. So no matter where we are in the house, if I give him that command he goes off to his blanket. The other new funny he is doing, is the blanket that is on his chair is small, so I've caught him walking through the house carrying the small blanket with him. Sometimes he will sling it over his back and walk around the house "covered." I'll try to get pictures of this. LOL.

Monday is his day to get weighed so I'll post that as soon as I get the info.

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Diana said...

Now if all men could have what Gunther has: Good looks and some personality!