Saturday, April 01, 2006

8 Months Today

Gunther is 8 months today. I think he's beautiful. (of course)

This morning (in the rain) I traveled a little south of where I live to see a dog show. Actually I went just to see the Great Danes show. It was pretty interesting. I seen some young Danes show for the first time. That was funny because one of them didn't behave too well. LOL. None of the dogs had natural ears, which is accepted in the AKC. There was one female Harl, one Black, 2 Brindle (they should have placed better but the handler wasn't too good), 2 Blue and about 5 Fawns. Of course they were in different groups and ages, etc. But I learned a lot. It was an opportunity to talk with different Dane owners and find out whether the Gun-man would be able to hold his own. I'm going back tomorrow with Gunther, I confirmed a couple of appointments with long time breeders/handlers to look at my boy. Posted by Picasa

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Diana said...

He certainly is a blue ribbon winner in my heart!