Friday, February 24, 2006

What a Joy

Last night after his obedience class Gunther curled up in the back of my PT Cruiser and slept all the way home. (about 20 minutes) Actually he "crashed." The minute I closed the door he laid down. It was so cute. I'm always amazed at how compact he can get. LOL. But, I realized how close Gunther and I are getting, especially since we are going through his training. Ever since the day I brought him home, Gunther has been with me, except on the trips to TN. We have been close from day one. I've worked a lot with him before he started Basics, but taking this class is bringing us on the same page even more. And that's good for me in many ways, but especially since I miss so much the relationship I had with my German Shepherd. I could just look at him and he knew what to do.

We have worked on the basic commands, and he is doing pretty good. Last night when we worked on the Come command, he did come, but instead of the sit at my feet facing me he jumped up and put his paws on my shoulders the first time. Ok, it was cute to me, not quiet what I was looking for. Did I reward him for doing it with a kiss on his nose and rubbing his neck a little. Oh hell yes. I'm not perfect. LOL. But, after a while he did start to get the idea. Greg, the instructor, took the Gun-Man and showed me what I was doing wrong with the lead, and Gunther again did not sit in front of him, this time, he went to a sit at Greg's left side, like he is suppose to do when he Heel's . Gun and I have been doing that Sit Command since September that's all he knows, learning a new Sit will be fun. It's always been a fascinating thing for me to see an animal, in this case a dog, think and remember what it's suppose to be doing. Gunther tries really hard for me when we work and when he gets it he is so proud.

Dogs are amazing animals. ( I have cats too, and they have their amazing times, LOL) What a dog can bring into your life is such a gift. Not only is there the unconditional love and trust, but they help you realize things about yourself. I know that not everyone understands that, but I wish they could. They are missing out on such a joy.

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