Thursday, February 09, 2006

Sometimes I forget

You know, like humans, animals have bad days. Today was Gunther's day. It really was so unusual because Gunther is really easy going and follows commands really well. But not today. There were a lot of other factors that lead to his "bad day", like everyone in the house wasn't feeling good so we didn't take him for his walks and we didn't take him out to play. Now when you have a giant breed puppy, that is a bundle of energy the exercise and play time is crucial. Not only is it training, but it's bonding, it's fun and it's a release for all his energy. I had also given him a few 100% natural treats. (which for him turned out to be more of a natural laxative.) Even at his obedience class tonight, though he did well, I could see in his eyes he wasn't himself. And he had a couple of accidents, which he NEVER does. So I seen today another side of my puppy. Another reminder that his 90 pound body just hides a little puppy inside. Who like a lot of us acts up when we don't feel good, who has good days and bad ones. Let's hope tomorrow is better for him.

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