Friday, December 02, 2005

Say Hello To My Little Friend

The Gun-man went to the vet this morning and got his last booster. He did great. Still a little shy though. He weighs almost 52 pounds. I'm sure with the lunch he just ate he's over 52. LOL. Anyway, his heart is good, his legs are good, his lungs were good, no lumps or bumps. Dr. Starr said that she was pleased with his growth it wasn't too fast or too slow, he is right on the money. I am pleased. He did a wonderful Sit and Down for her so I'm glad that he is doing his commands in places where he's distracted. When we were in the waiting area another dog came in and Gunther wanted to play with him, but the other dog was too afraid of him. The lady looked at me with daggers like how dare your dog even look at mine. It was too funny.

Anyway, here is a picture I just took of my baby.

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Cheryl said...

Are you tired of me telling you how adorable he is yet??