Saturday, December 10, 2005

He's in the Christmas Spirit

Today Gunther got an early Christmas present. Actually it's more for our entertainment than his. LOL. But, he liked wearing his hat, he left it on about an hour. We laughed till we cried. I can't wait for his breeder to see this pictures. Let's say he isn't big into "dressing up" the dogs. Of course I wouldn't be me without sending him a few pictures now and then of Gunther all dolled up.

This shirt is so cute. It has a reindeer embroidered on the back of it. Now it's an Xlarge and I can tell you right now that next Saturday he won't be able to fit in it. LOL. He's a growing little boy. I wanted to get a picture of him with Santa but that didn't work so this is the next best thing.

Gunther's actions so many times reminds me of a little child. When he doesn't get enough exercise he starts getting into things, when he's tired and doesn't want to go to sleep he fights it and tries to stay awake. Then yesterday, like many little kids wanting to drink what their parents have, Gunther got into my Coke Cola I had sitting on the shelf side of my computer desk. He liked it. LOL. He got about 2 or 3 good drinks of it. When I caught him, he acted like he couldn't for the life of him figure out why I wouldn't want him to have it. It was hard not to laugh at his expression while I was correcting him.

I think that this might be the happiest Christmas I have had in years because of Gunther.


Tina said...

Hi, I finally found out that I can post comments over here!
It is amazing what a big guy Gunther already is! Happy Christmas!
We had poisoning problems with Dingo last weekend but he is fine again (well, I am still suffering from the shock I had...)

Diana said...

Gunther is just soooo adorable in that red shirt!