Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Shower Story

Since Gunther is growing pretty quickly, he no longer fits in any of the sinks I have to bath him in, so a week or so back I bathed him in the shower. He had the best time. It was so funny. I thought he would be afraid of the water, oh no, his favorite part was standing there getting the Shower Massage on his back. Anyway, the other morning we got up, took him out, fed him and I put him back in his crate so I could go shower. I must not have latched the door well because while I was showering I heard this thud on the door and as the door flew open here come Gunther, legs and ears going everywhere full speed into the shower with me. ROFL. I laughed till my sides hurt. Then once he got in there he sat down and tried to catch the water on his tongue like we would snow flakes. It was a riot. I couldn't correct him, because it was just too damn funny.

I'm so glad that he is in my home. He brings so much fun into the house and spontaneous laughter.

Laugh a lot, try to smile all the time,

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Cheryl said...

How adorable!