Monday, October 17, 2005

11 Weeks

What a royal little boy! Well this little boy is keeping my family laughing. It's a complete joy to watch him grow and discover his new world, now with that being said, you know that the laughs are at his expense. LOL.

Over the past week I've noticed that Gun taps his front feet, sometimes he goes back and forth shifting his weight between his front legs and sometimes he looks like he's counting with his right paw. You know, how they teach horses for count for circus entertainment. At first I didn't think much of it, then last night about 4 in the morning I hear this rhythm from his crate. He is tap dancing. Now, I knew he was smart, and I knew he catches on pretty fast, but tap dancing was more than I expected. Of course the tail is wagging so fast it looks like it's going to fly off his butt, it's the cutest damn thing. So I asked him what he was doing and he looked down at his legs and back at me and then started tapping again. Like he really knows what he's doing. Ok that got me laughing. Well a little while ago I was playing with him and I was petting on him and rubbing his front legs and I told him he had beautiful legs and he went to a sit position and held his right leg out to me. He's too cute, I love him to death. Clearly he is very proud of those stilts he calls legs. ROTFL.

Have a great day!


Jeff and the Crew said...

Very nice blog.
It was Great to read about Gunther and watch him grow up. What a nice looking boy and great black coloring for a harl/black bred dog.

Enjoy the TV with your buddy! Seems Danes in general are very aware, maybe due to their breeds development, you know the whole sight hound/mastiff history.

Our Dane watches birds, jet aircraft, bats (at night no less), and can spot a dog on leash through a Dane slobbered car window a quarter of a mile away!

Be careful though with Animal Planet, we've had a few instances when we left the big guy alone with the TV on and are startled by a thunderous thud! As it turns out he has a thing for Horses. Great fun for him to charge the screen, not so good for our Hi-def. Sony proj.

Keep up the blogging,

Your friends at :)

Anonymous said...

Gunther is a beautiful dane. And he sounds as wonderful! Love the tapping feet. Happy feet. Now, if you can get him to do it with a tune, you can get him on Leno's show!!
I hope Gunther gives you joy for years and years and years. He is a great looking Dane!