Monday, October 03, 2005

9 weeks all ready

The Gun-Man went to the vet this morning. He is doing great. He's a little over 18 pounds. (my little pony). But we had a wonderful time at the vets office. When we were waiting to go in, another Dane was coming out, and we talked with Murdock's owner for quiet awhile. Murdock is a 3 month old Brindle Great Dane and it was so much fun watching him and Gunther play. They do some of the same things. It was really cute. Murdock is their second Dane.

Dr. Starr, Gunther's vet, just loved him, and since we go to the same vet as Gunther's parents of course everyone there, the other vets and assistants were thrilled to get to see "1 of the 14" puppies grow up. They couldn't say enough nice things about Gunther's parents and Jay the breeder.

When we got home Gun was wiped out. He napped for a good 2 hours straight. LOL. But, it's feeding time so I'm out of here. Have a good one,

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Diana said...

Puppies are so cute and energetic. But just like babies I lived for the moment that they napped so I could get something done!