Friday, December 19, 2008

Santa was here early

Here in Georgia we've been experiencing our typical super hot and extremely cold back and forth weather. Since we get up pretty early Santa knew that the boys get cold when we're out before the sun comes up so he delivered a couple of coats for the boys.

As you can see Gunther is pretty proud of his "snug" fitting coat. He was so excited when I put it on him. He pranced around like he had gotten a new toy. He's a smart boy and knows that when there is a change in the collar or he gets to wear something, he is getting to go for a ride. The first time he had the coat on he headed straight for the front door.

This is the first time Truman had ever worn anything. So I was pretty surprised when he didn't try to get it off of him. He's still getting use to it, but since we are making it a lot of fun for him to wear he's getting to be more comfortable with it.

I hope that you and your family have the best holiday season ever.


Our Girl Blue said...

Hi, Gunther & Truman! I hope you're all doing well - you guys look great! Sorry I haven't been by to say hi in a while - my mom's been a slacker, but I forgive her. She wanted to know where your mom got your coats? My aunt got me a sweater for Christmas last year, and while it fit, I wasn't a huge fan. Your jackets look pretty nice, though - I think I might like one to keep warm when it gets chilly here!

Paula said...

Lookin' good, boys. Merry Christmas!