Sunday, December 17, 2006

Scooby & Family

Finally we have been able to get around to getting our holiday lights and decorations up. A couple of weeks ago I pretty much shattered my right knee cap. I tore and ripped anything and everything pretty much in the knee area. That was the minor emergency I mentioned in the post about Gunther's annual check up. So I haven't really felt like or been able to get the holiday stuff taken care of the way I wanted to this year. Anyway, today was a perfect day to get the lights out to get my new decoration out. Check out my Scooby that is over 7 foot tall. LOL. The others with the Scooby is Sara, GT and of course the Gun-Man.

Last night I attended the Great Dane Club of the Mid South's Christmas party. I'm not much a party person, but I have to say that last night I really had a good time. We had a board meeting before the party and the whole thing was a lot of fun. Tons of food, lots of laughs and one of the funniest gift exchanges I have ever been a part of.

Gunther is really enjoying the warm weather we are having here in Georgia. I can't work with him like I had been but I still go outside with him and toss the ball around the yard with him. I hope that I can get my knee better in time for some of the Rally competitions in January. I really wanted to start him at the first of the year. It's been a little frustrating that everytime I go to sign him up, something "big" comes up and I can't. Oh well, everything has it's time and it's just not ours yet.

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