Monday, December 11, 2006

Annual Check up

Sorry for the delay in posting Gunther's results. I had a minor emergency that has taken up a little bit of my time.

Anyway, let's talk Gunther. He did so good at the vet. When we walked in he did his usual, get up on the bench and sit down. It was no time before all the vet techs were either out there us petting on him, or coming to the door to look at him. They loved him and he loved the attention. Before we knew it, it was time to go into his room. He went right in. This time they used a little bigger room and he was a little more comfortable with it. He got straight up on the scales and did his show stance. Again, all the woman were charmed about how cute he was and how manly he looked standing there. LOL. It was just too funny. So on with the check up. Everything went fine, actually better than fine. The vet was so kind and gentle with him, and could not get over what a beautiful coat Gun-man has. He said Gunther's teeth were perfect, that his heart and lungs were wonderful and that he wished all the dogs that came through there were in as good of health as Gunther. He even complimented me on keeping his ears with the "European Look." That was really cool. So after all that, Gunther's weight (which he said was ok to go up and down the way it does) was 120 lbs, his height at the shoulders is 35 1/2". Gunther got his blood test for his Heartguard and didn't even make a noise or noticed that they took blood, then he got a little shot in his butt, and again showed no sign of getting stuck.

What I really liked about this check up, was that the vet took so much time and checked everything about Gun. He checked his paws, pads, ran his hands over his legs, etc. When he got to one of those spots that Gun likes to have rubbed, he actually stopped and rubbed Gun's ears and right above his tail. He made an effort to be friends with Gunther and that means the world to me.

So like all little kids who do good at the Dr.'s office he got extra goodies and a new toy.

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